NewsRoom is an all-in-one news aggregation and curation tool designed to make navigating the endless crypto news cycle quick and easy.
It’s built to relieve you of the burdens associated with managing, curating, vetting, and organizing your news sources and their content and to empower you in your pursuit of knowledge, whatever your experience level might be.
Upon entering you will be greeted by a written section consisting of a short explanation of the current broader market conditions followed up by AI-generated summaries of the most important news from the day, quickly informing you of key points and saving you time.
Going further down you will find indicators for the most active projects as well as trending market sectors like NFTs, Metaverse, Utility, etc., immediately followed by the most important section of the application—your very own news curator.
In this section, under separate tabs for different topics, you’ll discover a wide range of quality articles sourced from the most reputable publications reporting on crypto. Articles are updated as quickly as they are released so you can stay completely updated on what’s most important and if your wallet is connected your feed will always include the latest news related to your holdings.